Sang Kim

Bike Trip to Busan 2012

Fundraising Completed

Riding for Justice and Freedom, will you join me?

Dear Friends, 

You need to be notified of the reality: There are more slaves in the world today than all of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Estimated to be around 27 Million slaves, and they are more disposable than ever. Because of the rise of technology and quick transportation, slavery has become a big money making business for the criminals. We can no longer sit idly by, ignore the injustice, and continue to live as if it doesn't happen. 

Bike Ride against Traffick is a 600km bicycle ride from Seoul to Busan that will culminate with a showing of "Nefarious: Merchant of Souls" at a church in Busan. It is to stir conversation about the sex industry in Korea, why we should be fighting it, and what we can possibly do. 

This trip is to help two organizations, Hope Be Restored and Jerusalem Ministries. HBR does work to fight the human trafficking issue and JM helps orphans in Korea. The goal is to raise about 500,000won with 90% of the funds going directly to the two organizations and 10% going to overhead cost of this trip. 

Follow the directions to give through Korean Bank Transfer. Paypal will be coming soon. 


Prayer Topics:

  • - Pray for the women trapped in the sex industry, especially Korea. 1 million Korean women are thought to be trapped in the industry worldwide. 

- Pray for the vulnerable people; orphans, the poor, anyone that could be victimized by the traffickers. 

- Pray for the good people to rise up and speak for the voiceless. 


Join me in prayer as the issue is a deeply spiritual one. I covet your prayers so that I may be a worthy vessel of God's Word.

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