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Bike Trip to Busan 2012

Fundraising Completed

Join me in this Ride Against Traffick

Hey friends,

There are more than 27 million people literally enslaved today around the world - more than in any other time in history. It's not only happening in foreign lands; its happening in your backyard. Believe that. My backyard is Seoul, Korea - and I know that human/sex trafficking is running rampant.

- Korean women are the most trafficked demographic people into the US, Japan and Australia
- Most countries are involved in this criminal activity primarily in just one of three ways: as importers, exporters or transit locations. Korea is actively engaged in all three.
- The laws are in place in Korea, but they are not being enforced. The problem is that society allows - even expects - it to happen. THIS MUST CHANGE.

Last year, I became aware of the reality of the issue. The Not For Sale Campaign, the CNN Freedom Project, and many other media and social projects have been doing an awesome job of pulling it from the shadows and into our faces. So, now what are we gonna do about it?! This is not just a social issue; not just a trendy thing to "get active" about. This is what Jesus came to eradicate - we must join him.


There are amazing people out there are doing extraordinary and inspiring things: through business, dance, music and film, causing a shift in society and forging a movement - stirring our generation to raise up abolitionists once again.

For now, I'm going to pray - and I'm going to ride a bike :)

From Seoul to Busan (almost 400 miles), between Aug 20-25th, through monsoon rain or face-melting shine, I'm joining other freedom fightin' riders to raise funds and awareness in support of calling Korean society to stand against the great injustice of human trafficking.

Once we arrive Busan, we'll be screening the award winning documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.

Funds raised:
- 45% funding will go to Hope Be Restored, a leading voice in the fight against slavery in Korea
- 45% will go to a scholarship fund called Seeds of Hope.
(In Korea, once an orphan graduates from high school, they also "graduate" from the orphanage and must live on their own. There is virtually no support provided for them, leaving them completely vulnerable to the criminals who would manipulate, exploite and enslave them. This scholarship fund supports them not only financially but also with dedicated mentors.)
- 10% overhead costs of the trip

Please - join us. Let us call out for justice in EVERY way we can.


Instructions - please click the "support John now" link. then click the "donate now" button from the website. you can change the amount to whatever you'd like. making an account is easiest by logging on through facebook. you will receive all the necessary information as you proceed.

If you're in Korea and would rather make a wire transfer: John Choi, KB 530402-01-187739, but PLEASE you must let me know that you did so.

Article of our trip:
Nefarious Official Trailer:


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