plz be with sunyoung's 2nd riding

Fundraiser by Sunyoung

This fundraiser supports Cycle for Justice 2018

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About This Fundraiser

Hello, this is sunyoung.
I am participating Cycle for Justice 2018 as a rider.

Cycle for Justice is a movement to support the fatherless(orphans, single mothers, Kopino), increase awareness against trafficking, and peace of two Korea.
You can check out for more info.

This fundraising is for supporting the organizations which help orphans(Oak Tree Project), single mothers(Women's Hope Center), and Kopino children(Do Dream Center).
100% of the funds will go directly to the organizations.

This is my 2nd time participating this movement.
Last year, I fell down at yeoju, which is near the finish line. So I couldn't finish the full course.
This year we are going to DMZ for peace of two korea. It will be hard to climb many mountains.
So, I need more prayer for safety
I look forward to your support.
Thank you!

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