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Chances are, if you are reading this, we haven't talked in a long time. I'm sorry if that is true and I hope we can talk about this event later! Thank you for taking time to read what I have to say about this cause and event! While I am living in Korea, I don't use Facebook, but I am choosing to use it for this trip :)

This event is very significant and special to me!

The funds raised do not go towards the event itself, only towards the cause! Our goal is to raise awareness about sex trafficking in Korea, shed light on the prostitution industry, and give support to orphans. This ride is for awareness and prevention. The causes involved, when supported:
-help provide children who have been orphaned with life mentors who can provide emotional support and help encourage and raise them up
-fund housing for single mothers and give them support when they are raising their children
-support children in an orphanage in the Philippines. There is a high number of Philippino-Korean babies with absent Korean fathers who abandoned them after having visited the Philippines, impregnated Philippino women, and then returned to Korea

The causes being supported are:
Oak Tree Project
DoDream Center in the Philippines
Women's Hope Center in Pohang, South Korea

I will be participating in this event as a support crew member. There are 4 crew members in total and 14 riders. This is a 3 day cycle with interesting and challenging terrains. We have 1 support vehicle to cater to everyone. We will stay in pensions at night and pray about the causes and for Korea as a country to become one again. Unity!

Please pray for:
Safety of riders (weather, health, good sleep, proper hydration, road safety: no flat tires!)
Support funds raised to exceed needs
God to fill in any gaps!
For people to be reached, for hearts to be moved by the cause, and for this to spur change!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!


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