Peter and Charlotte's 2nd RAT Korea

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This fundraiser supports Ride Against Traffick 2017

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About This Fundraiser

Charlotte and I will ride from Busan back to Seoul again this year in support of Ride Against Traffick Korea 2017. We are looking to raise awareness and funds to help those who have become victims of human trafficking or are at risk of being targets for human trafficking. Your support is very much appreciated. 100% of funds sponsored go directly to the cause so please give generously. Thank you.

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About Ride Against Traffick 2017

The Ride Against Traffick is a four day, 550km bike ride from Busan to Seoul intended to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking in South Korea and to fight it.

Your donations will go to two great organizations who are actively working to combat this modern-day evil: Hope Be Restored, which is one of the leading anti-trafficking ministries in Korea, and Oak Tree Project, which is a scholarship and mentoring program for orphans in Korea. The ride costs are paid completely by the participants and sponsors, so 100% of the money we receive from your donation will go straight to these organizations.

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