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Dear Friends,
For the past several years I have taken part in a cross country cycling trip which is aimed at raising awareness concerning the issue of ‘Sex Trafficking in Korea and abroad’, as well as raising funds to support orphans through scholarships for higher education. Our group of participants from various English ministries and churches in South Korea aims to both raise awareness and funds for this cause.
The issue at hand is something I was not fully aware of before I came to Korea. Although sex trafficking exists all over the world, there are reports that “South Korea is one of the major sources of sex trafficking and smuggling to the United States according to the Attorney General’s Office (2006)”. Few people are aware of how serious this issue is. “Human trafficking is the world's fastest growing criminal enterprise and is an estimated $32 billion-a-year global industry”.
We hope to achieve our goals by embarking upon a journey with the goal of attracting media attention, public awareness, and support funds for the three causes. You can help us achieve our goal by participating in our upcoming ride as part of the support team, or by donating any amount at any time throughout the year.
100% of your donations will be evenly distributed to the following organizations: Oak Tree Project, House of Hope, and Do Dream children center. Links with more information about these organizations can be found at

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